How to Approve a Contract

For approvers: how to find contracts sent for approval, how to review contracts and how to approve or reject

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Your organization can set up approval workflows, whereby certain contracts can be sent to designated approvers for them to approve or reject. This section covers the process from the perspective of the approver. For information on how to set up an approval workflow, see our help article on Overview of Approval Rules.

Notification of Approval Request

If you are an approver on a contract, Contract Eagle will notify you by email when approval is sought. The email contains a link to the contract record.

To view contracts seeking your approval, do any of the following:

  • click the link in the individual Approval Request emails to view one particular contract;

  • From your Dashboard, go to the My Alerts section in the top-left and click the Approvals Required link, see below:

  • In your daily Dashboard email, click the "Open" link next to Approvals Required.

Reviewing a Contract before Approval

When you click a link to approve a contract, the contract preview screen will open. In here you can review the details of the contract record and any documents attached.

To view more details, click the View, View/Comment or Edit button at the bottom of the contract preview screen, depending on your permissions.

If a contract record was created via a Form, you can see the details of the submitted form by clicking View or Edit > Submitted Form tab.

Straight Approve/Reject

From the contract preview screen, the approver can click either the Approve or Reject button. The approval status of the contract will change to "Approved" or "Rejected", and Contract Eagle will send an email notification of the outcome to the Contract Owner.

If the contract is subject to a sequential approval, the contract's approval will automatically trigger the next approval request.

Edit or Comment before Approval

If appropriate, the approver may wish to add a comment, or data, to the contract record. To do so the approver will need permissions to comment or edit a contract record. Provided they have such permissions they can add a comment or data:

  1. Click either the View/Comment or Edit button in the contract preview.

  2. In the Comments tab, add in a comment about the contract or its approval.

  3. If using "Edit", make any other change to the contract record on the Contract Summary or other tabs (Documents, Tasks, Related Contracts, Comments).

  4. When complete, click either: Save and Approve or Save and Reject; or simply click the Save button to save the edit, but keep the contract's approval status as "Awaiting Approval".

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