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When you send a document out for signing only to then have to edit it, there are a few ways of doing it. We'll tell you the best way.
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Contract Eagle provides a round-trip signing experience via DocuSign. It is fully audited. The signed document returns into Contract Eagle and sits with the original document.

But! When it comes to making changes to your DocuSign envelope there may be the temptation to upload the new document directly into DocuSign, instead of through Contract Eagle. We address the 3 different methods to replacing the document below and highlight the only method (method 1) which we recommend.

✔ Method 1 - Cancel/Upload from Contract Eagle (Best Practice)


  1. Cancel the existing Envelope within Contract Eagle

  2. Load the new document into Contract Eagle

  3. "Save and sign"


This is the best process because the round-trip audit trail is preserved. This is the only process where the "original" document within Contract Eagle matches the signed document returned from DocuSign.

❌❌ Method 2 - Delete / Upload within DocuSign (Worst Practice)


  1. Amend the existing Envelope

  2. Click the X (Delete) button within DocuSign

  3. Click the Upload button within DocuSign to upload the new document


This is the worse process because Contract Eagle will not bring back the signed document, because the link to the document in Contract Eagle is severed when the Document is deleted.

❌Method 3 - Replace / Upload within DocuSign (Slightly better than Method 2)


  1. Amend the existing envelope

  2. Click the 3 dots and select "Replace" within DocuSign

  3. Upload the new document


This process is slightly better than Method 2, because the document will return into Contract Eagle. However, assuming the document has changed, it won't match the original document. This mismatch could cause confusion in future.

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