Signing Complete - status and actions

What happens to your contract when your documents have electronically signed by all signatories

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Contract Eagle considers signing complete when all required signatories have added their signature to a document. Depending on your signing providers, this could be:

  • after all documents within the same signing envelope have been signed by everyone (eg DocuSign); or

  • as each document within a signing package is been signed by everyone (eg Secured Signing).

Completion of signing will be reflected in your contract’s status if you have configured this within Contract Eagle. 

Actions when Signing Complete

When signing is complete, you can view the Signing History in the Documents tab of your contract. You can expand the history section of each document to view each step in the signing process. You can also perform the following actions:

View Original – see the original document, as it was, before it was sent for signing.

View Signature – see each signatory’s signed version.

View Signed Document – see the final version of the document including all signatures.

View Certificate of Completion (DocuSign only) – a PDF report from DocuSign of dates and times signatures were added to your signing envelope.

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