DocuSign - nudge recipients who haven't signed yet

Use the "Correct" function in Contract Eagle to send a reminder message to recipients who haven't signed yet

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Audience: Read-Write users who send contract documents for signature from Contract Eagle with a DocuSign integration

In our article on Signing Status and Actions, we briefly cover the use of the Correct feature in the document signing workflow. For customers with a DocuSign subscription integrated with Contract Eagle, Correct allows them to send a "corrected" version of the document(s) for signing.

It can also be used to nudge along signing recipients who haven't signed yet - particularly ones who claim they have lost the email with the signing link. Below are the steps on how to send them a reminder. You can do this at any stage prior to the document being fully signed; ie, no-one has signed yet, or nearly everyone has signed:

  1. Go into your contract in Contract Eagle, and go in to Edit the contract.

  2. Go to the Documents tab

  3. Find the document for which you wish to send a reminder and click Correct. It's not necessary to click the little triangle on the far left to expand the recipient information below, however if you do, it will show you who has signed the document already.

  4. Clicking Correct will launch DocuSign and open the signing envelope. You will see the original list of recipients. Those who have already signed will be greyed out.

  5. Find to recipient whom you wish to prompt, or to whom you wish to send a reminder. Click the Customize button next to their name, then click Add private message.

  6. Enter a message to prompt them to sign and click Close.

  7. Finally click Next and then Correct. Only the people who haven’t signed will be sent the email from DocuSign to review the document and add a signature.

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