During the signing process - status and actions

How to check the signing status of your contract's documents, and what actions are available to you during signing

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Once you have clicked "Send" from within your signing provider, Contract Eagle regards your contract as having "Signing in progress". This will be reflected in your contract’s status if you have configured this within Contract Eagle.  

As recipients add signatures to your documents, these actions will be recorded in the Documents tab of your contract. Depending on your signing provider configuration, you may also receive emails as documents are signed.

Signing History and Actions

When signing is in progress, you can view the Signing History in the Documents tab of your contract. You can expand the history section of each document to view each step in the signing process, together with dates and times of when signatures were added. You may also perform the following actions, depending on your signing provider:

Resend – Simply resends the original email to your signatories; doesn’t launch the electronic signing provider. 

Correct – launches the electronic signing provider for you to make alterations to your documents or placeholders and send a corrected version to your signatories. You can use Correct to nudge or remind signatories who haven't got around to signing yet, or have lost the invitation email. "Correct" is only available with DocuSign, not Secured Signing.

Cancel signing – immediately cancels the signing process by removing all documents from the signing provider. The signing status of the documents is changed to “Aborted”. The documents can be selected for signing again if required.

View original – view the file sent for signing, before any signatures were added.

View signatures – available during and after signing, to view any signatures added thus far.

View – view the latest version of a document.

Delete – deletes any document from the contract but, where signing is in progress, this will have no impact on any signing recipients who have been emailed a link. They will still be able to view and sign the document via the email link. The signed document will not be imported back into Contract Eagle if its original version is deleted from the contract.

Note: not all signing providers offer all functionality (eg "Correct" is available in DocuSign, but not Secured Signing, etc).

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