Set up your signing provider in each Contract Type

A pre-requisite to using electronic signing is to set up your provider in each Contract Type that will use electronic signatures

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Once your System Administrator has set up the integration between Contract Eagle and your signing provider, the Power User then needs to add the signing provider to each Contract Type that will use electronic signatures.
If you have a subscription with more than one signing provider, you can specify a different provider for different contract types. 

1. Go to the Contracts menu > Maintain Contract Types. The list of Contract Types has a column to display the electronic signing provider set up for each contract type (see screenshot)

2. Click a contract type from the list to edit.

3. Click the Documents tab.
4. In the "Signing Provider" section, click the drop-down and select your signing provider.
You will only see a signing provider in this list if they have been set up by your System Administrator in the System Settings > Integration tab.

5. Click Save, unless you wish to set up Status during and after Signing. See below.

Status during and after Signing

After selecting a signing provider, you will see two new fields appear where you can - if you wish - specify the status of the contract type during and after signing. The drop-down list will display a list of all statuses for this contract type's business unit.

If you leave these fields blank, your contract will use the status(es) specified as part of the normal contract creation or edit process, or any approval process on that contract type. These status settings will remain, and will be unaffected by any signing on the contract.

See our article on Signing and Status Change for more information. 

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