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The pre-requisites and the setup steps for your organization to use electronic signatures within Contract Eagle

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Pre-requisites - Subscriptions

To use electronic signing, your company will need:

  1. a Contract Eagle subscription that allows electronic signing; and

  2. your own subscription with any one of our supported electronic signing providers, currently Secured Signing ( and DocuSign (

Get a Subscription with a Signing Provider

To arrange this, you'll need to get in touch with the signing provider directly - use the links above. You only need a one user license, even if you have multiple Contract Eagle users who will be sending contracts for signing from Contract Eagle. If you aren't sure which would be best for your needs, feel free to get in touch and we can chat to you about the benefits of our supported providers. 

Does our Contract Eagle subscription allow Signing?

One way to check the eligibility of your subscription is for your System Administrator to look in the Admin menu > System Preferences > Integrations tab.
If electronic signing requires an additional subscription, you will see the message below. Please get in touch if you wish to upgrade your subscription.

Set up steps - Integration and Contract Type


With these subscriptions in place, your System Administrator can set up the integration between Contract Eagle and your signing provider. Click on the relevant link below for instructions on how to set up integration with: 

Contract Type

Once the integration is in place, the Power User will need to set up the signing provider in each Contract Type that requires electronic signature. Without completing this step, end-users will not be able to send documents for signing. 

Optionally, the Power User can also assign a status to a contract while its documents are being signed, and once signing is complete. 

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