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This article covers processes in both Contract Eagle and Secured Signing. We will update this article whenever our product changes but we may not have captured recent changes to Secured Signing's screens or processes. Please bear that in mind as you follow this guide.

Electronic Signing Integration is set up in the the Admin menu > System Preferences> Integrations tab. We recommend you have the Integrations tab open in one browser window, and use another window to log in to your Secured Signing account. You will be copying and pasting information between the two windows. 

1. In one browser tab or window, log into Contract Eagle and go to Admin > System Preferences > Integrations tab, and make sure you are in the section for “Secured Signing” setup. 

2. In another browser tab, log in to your company’s Secured Signing account at and go to My Account > My Settings > API Settings > Developer Settings.

3. Click the Add Api Key button.

4. Give the new API key a name, eg “Contract Eagle”.

5. Highlight and copy the API key.

6. Go into Contract Eagle and paste the API key into the API Key field.

7. Staying in Contract Eagle, highlight and copy the red text of the Access URI: from "https://" to "secured-signing".

8. Go back into Secured Signing and paste the Access URI in the "Add Url" field as shown below, and click the plus button to add: 

9. Staying in Secured Signing, highlight and copy the contents of the "Secret" field. 

10. Click the Update Api Settings button

11. Go back into Contract Eagle and paste the text of the Secret into the "Secret" field. Tab or click somewhere outside the field to enable the Authorize button underneath.

12. Click Authorize.

13. A Secured Signing window will pop up (make sure your browser isn’t blocking this), prompting you to log into your account.

14. After logging in, you will see a Secured Signing authorization screen, as below. Click Authorize

Secured Signing is now authorized for use within Contract Eagle. 

To complete your setup, a Power User needs to add Secured Signing to each contract type requiring electronic signing.

If you wish, you may also set up a contract status to track your contracts' signing workflow.

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